What Makes Universal Event Space the Perfect Venue for Special Occasions?

Universal Event Space is one of the most popular venues in Vaughan, Ontario area. It has been around for quite some time, and the Universal Event Space already made its mark as a favorite and go-to event place for a wide variety of events and occasions.

If you’re planning for a special occasion, the Universal Event Space is a perfect choice and here are the things that should make you book the place.


Courteous staff who are ready to serve you

One of the best things about Universal Event Space is how their staff treats their guests. The crews are courteous, polite and always prepared to attend to the needs of the guests. They make sure that the guests are delighted with the kind of service they render. At Universal Event Space, it’s their mission to train the staffs to be offered the best services to the guests so they can leave the place with a smile and heart full of contentment.

Fun and complete sound and multimedia system

An event without a complete sound and multimedia system are dull and boring. Thus, the Universal Event Place ensures their guests that their state-of-the-art sound and multimedia system is well enough to make any event livelier.

The guests can also request songs or music they like so the staffs of the Universal Event Place can prepare it just in time for the special occasion. The Universal Event Place also offers a specialized lighting system depending on the theme of the occasion. For formal events, meetings, seminars, and conferences, the Universal Event Place have several projector units to show immersive PowerPoint presentations.

Delightful and delicious food

An event place wouldn’t be perfect without delightful and delicious food. That’s why the Universal Event Place takes pride in its wide selection of delicacies from different parts of Canada and other international cuisines.

The food is well-presented based on the theme of the events. What makes it even better is the fact that guests can mix and match the food for the event depending on their choice. The chefs and kitchen staff of the Universal Event Place are professional and highly-acclaimed in the food industry. The food is incredible, and guests keep coming back for more.

Spacious and clean function halls

Another feature that makes the Universal Event Place a perfect place for any occasion is the spacious and clean function halls. The function halls are highly-organized and can accommodate a good number of guests depending on the chosen hall or package.

Aside from the spacious function halls, the Universal Event Place has enough space for additional decorations. With this, the function hall won’t look crowded, and the guests can have many options in choosing decorations.

If you’re still searching for a venue for an event, look no further. The Universal Event Place is located in 6250 Highway 7, Vaughan, ON L4H 4G3.

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