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Do you have a plumbing emergency in Vaughan?

Call our hotline at 647-560-1185 and our quick response Vaughan plumbing team will be sent to your location immediately. We consider plumbing emergencies a top priority and make sure to respond quickly to keep any water damage at a minimum.

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    Whether it is a sewer backup, a frozen pipe or any other plumbing emergency, Plumbers Vaughan is here to provide efficient, high quality, professional plumbing service that does not break the bank.

    We have been serving Greater Toronto for over 25 years and we are happy to continue doing so.
    We offer a range of emergency plumbing services including clearing clogged drains, toilet repair, sewer backup, busted water heater as well as commercial plumbing. We understand that plumbing emergencies do not always happen at convenient times, in fact they happen when you least expect them.

    Plumbing issues can happen without warning and can affect a wide area of your home, not just the kitchen or the bathroom.

    Sewage backup, overwhelmed toilets and bursts pipes can cause flooding and damage. That is why we offer emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day.

    ​If there is an emergency, you can be sure that we will be there to help, night or day. ​Let us help you keep a plumbing emergency from becoming a total disaster.

    What to do in a Plumbing Emergency

    Don’t panic! Imagine using the sink and suddenly the faucet goes haywire with spraying water or flushing the toilet only to be met with backup sewage water. While surprise and panic are natural it is important to stay alert and keep a level head. If you are dealing with a frozen burst pipe, the first thing you need to do is to turn off the water. Look for the water shut-off valve under or close to the sink or tap and turn it off.

    You may also turn off the main water valve to prevent more leaks within the house. If you’re dealing with sewer backup emergency, stay away from the waste water and do not make any attempt to clean it. Instead turn off the main water valve, refrain from using any other plumbing in the house and call your local Vaughan plumbing experts. Experienced plumbers have the necessary clean up equipment and gear that protects them from toxic bacteria that is present in the water.

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    Keep in mind that having a trusted plumbing service in your speed dial can be very helpful in times like these. It can spell the difference between minor plumbing repairs and costly home renovations. When you call our hotline, you can be confident that we will do all that is in our power to keep the damage to a minimum.

    Our priority is the safety of your home and making sure the job is done correctly and effectively. Our licensed plumbing professionals will provide you with a complete assessment and cost effective solution to your plumbing emergency so you can go back to your day without worries. If you have a plumbing emergency do not hesitate to call us at 647-560-1185 and a plumber will be dispatched to your location ASAP!