McMichael Canadian Art: Canada’s Home of Masterpieces

​Located in Kleinburg, ON, McMichael Canadian Art is home to a broad collection of paintings from the Group of Seven, Tom Thomson, First Nations, Inuit, and their counterparts. Built full of dreams and vision, the gallery was conceptualized by  Signe and Robert McMichael. Apparently, they were huge fans of the Group of Seven’s paintings since they embody Signe and Robert’s love and respect for the Canadian Landscape.


Featured ExhibitionsThe art gallery hosts a multitude of jaw-dropping exhibitions for the public to see. Here’s a good list of what they have currently:

Veils by Marie-Claire Blais

Marie-Claire is a well-renowned creator of contemporary art in Montreal. However, it is still unclear why her work has not been featured in a huge Canadian museum until now.  She is known for her work, which incorporates abstraction with contemporary movement. She usually does the painting on canvas and then cuts, shreds, and unravels the painting surface. The end result will be subtle works that are a hybrid of painting and sculpture.

Contemporary Art by Francoise Sullivan

Francoise Sullivan is an avant-garde artist based in Quebec. His masterpieces showcase his contribution to the history of modern art. The collection holds more than 50 artworks, all of which demonstrates a unique mix of painting, video, sculpture, costume and artistic materials. The collection allows the  visitors to discover or rediscover an art icon who deserves full recognition for his huge impact on Canadian culture, particularly Quebec.

Earth, Wind, and Fire by Rita Letendre

Despite her age of 90 years old, Rita Letendre continues to reign the abstract painting industry through hard-edge abstract works. This can be seen normally in public wall murals in different spots around Toronto. The Earth, Wind, and Fire Exhibition features Rita’s work from the late 50s to early 60s. Most pieces are derived from the transformative moment, a staple in the Quebec culture.

The Art of Canada by Ian Dejardin

Ian is the Executive Director of the gallery itself. Having the aim show visitors great classics from the arts of the past, he dug deep into the gallery’s vault and found many timeless favorites. Some pieces cannot be seen anywhere else, while others show a hint of familiarity with Canadian art. When you visit the exhibition, Ian will help you embark on a journey of his life adventures and how he found love in the arms of Canada.  In addition, you’ll get to know his genuine appreciation for Canada art. This show also highlights the strength and meaning of the gallery’s valuable collection. He encourages the public to come visit the gallery from time to time and witness as it continues to grow and offer unique arts and a taste of Canada’s unique culture.

LocationMcMichael Canadian Art is located at 10365 Islington Ave, Kleinburg, ON L0J 1C0, Canada.

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