Laying Commercial Pipes

Commercial buildings have very different needs in terms of utilities than houses do: often they use more electricity and water, or require the output of the systems to be different. When completing commercial renovations it’s important to know how this project is different from a residential one, and where it is the same.

Talk to a Professional

You know your business, and you’re very good at it. Plumbers know plumbing: they’re licensed, complete projects like this one all the time and can ensure your water supply system is completely up to code. When you decide to complete a renovation to your business it’s important to talk to a plumber right away as he or she will be able to assess the whole project, explain how their work fits in with other contractors work and when they will need to complete work by.

Have a Plan

Sometimes it isn’t enough to tell your contactors to take this and make it that: you need to know exactly what you want done. Some contractors will be able to take your vision and work with it, but most will want your input so have a plan: know when you want things done by, how you want them done, what kind of communication you want along the project, whether your contactors have discretionary spending, etc. Especially when it comes to laying new commercial pipes you need to be sure the plan and the timeline are in place so that you can coordinate the other contractors, or they can work in conjunction with each other.

Shut off the Water

In order for your plumber to remove the old pipes and start installing new ones the water has to be off. In this case it’s really important to know how the water supply to your business works: is it just one shut off, or can you shut off sections via a manifold system? This is something your plumber can do for you but if you’re concerned about time and want the plumber to start right away you could do this before the work even starts.

Follow the Code

Professional plumbers know that when completing any work everything has to be up to code. If this doesn’t happen you, as a business owner, could be in a lot of trouble. Do your own research and make sure you understand some of the building code so that you know the right questions to ask of your plumber.

A major commercial project is a big investment, and it means time your business is going to be closed to accommodate for the renovations. Make sure you have everything in place before work starts and be prepared for surprises, have a contingency plan where possible.

Making sure your plumber is licensed, insured and has a reputable business with experience laying commercial pipes can save you a lot of time and headache in the future, should anything go wrong.

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